12 Benefits of Text Message Marketing Over PPC Marketing

If you've been relying on PPC ads to market your business, it’s time to make a change. Text message marketing offers higher ROI, less time commitment, and a better user experience than PPC, email, or scores of other marketing channels. Here are just 12 of the benefits of text message marketing that motivate businesses to take the leap. 

1) Less Time Commitment

Text message marketing generally comes with a short learning curve, and services like Cloud TXT make it easy to customize and get started right away. PPC marketing can be effective, but if you've ever used it before, you'll know it requires deep knowledge. It also needs a constant cycle of tweaking and re-strategizing to maintain results. Depending on your business and campaign needs, it can take hours to make adjustments and find the winning formula for your business.

2) More Cost-Effective

When it comes to your marketing dollars, text messaging is more cost-effective. You can plan ahead with your budget and make adjustments according to which campaigns perform best by their open rates or click-throughs. There aren't any big surprises with your marketing spend, and you're usually charged per outgoing text message. 

PPC's pricing and competition change constantly, which requires a dedicated ad expert to make sure your marketing dollars are appropriately used. If your campaign isn't performing, you could end up over-spending and sinking more time into the project than you planned for. 

Not everyone sinks their budget in PPC advertising. However, going under budget in PPC also isn't a good sign. It indicates you haven't optimized your campaign to its fullest potential nor attracted the audience you need to convert to long-term customers.

3) No Stress Over Ad Blocking

Text message marketing is pretty straight-forward. You deploy the message, the user receives it immediately, and 98% of the time, they take action. PPC advertising is run through individual websites or third-party platforms and requires waiting for the user. The audience needs to pay attention to your ad, consider it over all of the other ads running simultaneously on the site, and decide to click on it.  

The other issue with PPC that text messaging doesn't deal with is ad blocking. The technology has shaken up the PPC industry with no easy answers on ensuring higher visibility and ROI. You have no control over whether or not the consumer installed blocking software and whether or not they'll enable their browser to see your ad.

4) Higher Conversion Rates

The conversion rates of text message marketing are impressively high at around 30%, making email and PPC ads look dismal in comparison. PPC ads usually convert at 3.75%, which is only slightly higher than email marketing. However, PPC ads are likely costing you far more than email marketing, which could signal a need to reevaluate how to allocate resources spent on your campaigns. 

Instead of spending on ads and email that don't convert that high, you could be using text messaging instead. Even if your text marketing spending is initially higher upfront, you're likely seeing higher conversion rates for far less of an ongoing PPC campaign investment.

5) More Predictable

Due to ad blocking software and lackluster click-throughs and conversions, PPC ads aren't predictable and are difficult to scale. You can't control many aspects of the campaign and must rely on a publisher's website to work correctly. By comparison, text marketing is highly predictable with instant delivery and predictably high open-rate. 

6) Greater Flexibility

When someone opts into your SMS text marketing campaign, you can continue contacting them about future promotions, reminders, and check-ins. PPC ads don't have the same in-depth capability. At best, you can prompt the consumer to take additional action and sign-up for your service. However, it's not predictable and unlikely to scale your results.

7) Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more likely to pick up their phone and read your text message within 90-seconds. They're already using their phone and ready to opt-in and receive your promotions. PPC ads are more intrusive. They may distract the user from the website they’re reading with ad audio or slow-loading video, causing a poor customer experience. The frustration could lead to a loss in further action and conversions.

8) Consistent Visibility

We’ve already touched on the idea that text messaging offers more flexibility to continue your marketing efforts. However, that flexibility also comes with the benefit of consistent visibility at a lower price point. You can reach out to them repeatedly and monitor their actions to segment your list and campaign strategies further.

Yet once you stop deploying PPC ads, you also lose your brand visibility. You are no longer on the top of consumers' minds or have the ability to entice further action.

9) Less Competitive

PPC ads are highly competitive, which also drives up their cost and time commitment to find a strategy that converts. There isn't as much noise in-text advertising, and you have a greater opportunity to stand-out from other brands. Consumers can opt-in and out quickly of your text campaigns, leaving anyone on your list engaged and ready to receive more of your marketing messages. 

10) Better Personalization

There's almost no way to personalize PPC ads that genuinely speaks to the customer. Although PPC has made strides to offer more customization, text marketing provides far more opportunities to personalize the customer experience. You can personalize messages with the customer's first name and drill down into demographics like specific age and previous actions they took on your campaigns.

11) Ability to Cross-Promote

PPC ads are usually designed to work in a silo, where everything hinges on clicking an ad. Unlike PPC ads, text marketing offers more flexibility to cross-promote your offers. You can request users opt into text over social media or prompt a text action that promotes a contest on Instagram. 

12) Mobile Friendliness

It goes without saying that SMS text marketing is mobile-friendly. It's designed specifically for mobile devices and is immediately delivered. Not all PPC ads are mobile-friendly, depending on what website it appears on. 

Images like coupons also don’t work that well with PPC ads without multiple actions taken by the consumer. If you include a coupon with your text marketing message, your conversion rates are likely higher than PPC. Of the 134 million people in the States who use coupons, 50% rely on mobile coupons. 

Final Thoughts

If you're experiencing lackluster results from your PPC campaigns, try text message marketing to watch your click-through rates and conversion rise. You'll also deal with less competition and use fewer marketing resources to create a successful campaign. 

Ready to get started with SMS and text message marketing for your business? Contact us today to discuss your campaign needs.