10 Companies That Benefit from SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS and text message marketing empowers companies of all sizes to enhance the customer journey. But it also helps your business run more efficiently by automating appointment reminders, marketing messages, and raising brand awareness. If you're not sure how to get started, take inspiration from these ten companies that benefit from SMS text message marketing.

1) Ecommerce Stores

As online shopping becomes the norm, more consumers are ready and willing to receive SMS marketing messages. Whether they want shipping updates or coupon codes, people are opting into SMS at more significant numbers than ever before. Research shows that 45.5% of consumers are most likely to opt into SMS marketing from e-commerce and retail brands.

Beyond giving your sales a boost, SMS text messaging also provides opportunities to refine your brand. Start by polling your audience on what types of products they want to see or what they like (and don't like) about your online store. The more feedback you can gather directly from customers, the more likely you are to give them exactly what they want in their online shopping experience. 

2) Restaurants

Restaurants regularly use SMS texting to remind customers about upcoming reservations or accept cancellations. SMS marketing also enables you to promote new menus and dishes, engage audiences with cooking tips, or send announcements from the chef. But there are more ways to use text message marketing to help grow your business and stay connected with hungry customers. 

Text message marketing also helps attract new customers with exclusive deals and offers. Promote discounts, student deals, holiday specials, and date night menus by segmenting your audience accordingly. Creating polls also gives insights into what types of dishes your customers like most and keeps them engaged with your business.

3) Salons and Spas

Salons and spas focused on premier customer service can also use SMS and text message marketing to improve the overall experience. Appointment confirmations, reminders, and requests to fill out a waiver or paperwork are a few places to start. When the customer arrives at their appointment, they're ready to relax instead of dealing with administrative details.

Sending text messages about last-minute appointments also helps fill gaps in your schedule and keep your revenue consistent. Another strategy is texting customers about product updates, flash sales, and new talent hires to increase brand awareness and give your revenue a boost. 

4) Online Course Creators

Online course creation is a profitable way to monetize your knowledge and expertise but requires a growing and engaged audience. SMS text message marketing helps build a sustainable business with tactics like sending learning tips and ongoing inspiration. 

Encouraging ongoing education with new courses, discounts, and access to sneak peeks keeps customers engaged. You could also gather inspiration from current events. Relate content from your course to current events to add context and value to your student's learning journey.

There are also effective ways to attract new customers through SMS and text message marketing. Offer a free webinar, mini-course, or valuable resource in exchange for their phone number. Your business can now nurture them through a sales cycle to promote upcoming course launches.

5) Health Sector

The health sector includes everything from clinics, therapy practices, wellness centers, and rehabilitation facilities. SMS text messaging serves as an important way to help patients stay proactive about their health while helping grow your business. 

Text message marketing keeps patients updated about their upcoming appointments, prompts reminders to schedule well visits, and sends health alerts during flu season. Health information, including prescription updates or info about lab reports, can also be delivered through SMS text messages. 

Patients also need to stay informed about health issues. A pediatrician's office could use text messaging to alert parents about a spike in community COVID cases or flu season. Or consider announcing a walk-in flu shot clinic to keep patients healthy while reducing the volume of individual appointments in your practice.

6) Car Dealerships

Turning your car dealership into a text-enabled, customer-focused business keeps your customers happy and your business running more efficiently. Stay connected with customers by reminding them about upcoming appointments, new inventory, and weekend specials.

Many car dealerships are also service centers, making it difficult to compete with local auto shops and mechanics. Staying front and center via text messaging keeps your customers coming back for additional services and cars.

Keep monthly payments coming in on time with customer reminders, or send out important vehicle recall alerts. Car dealerships also benefit from segmenting their SMS audience and focusing on lead generation. Target your texts based on customer interest or when they bought their last car to identify eager buyers.

7) Live Events

Running and promoting live events takes constant promotion and effort to run smoothly. Keep attendance rates high by sending reminders, updates, and sneak peeks at what's going on behind the scenes. You can also make the most of your time and resources by using SMS and text message marketing to automate your communication. 

Live events could also use SMS and text message marketing in real-time. Send out updates during your event about what's coming up, merchandise specials, break-out sessions, or meet and greets. 

SMS and text message marketing could also extend once your event is over. The next time you organize an event, you’ll have a warm audience ready and willing to purchase tickets. Thank your attendees, link to resources or souvenirs, and keep customers in your lead nurture cycle. 

8) Shipping and Logistics Companies

Shipping and logistics benefit from SMS marketing by reducing overhead and keeping customers informed. Text messaging helps keep customers updated with automated delivery notifications and order changes. Beyond customer care, you also empower your staff with texts about last-minute changes, delays, or delegating new tasks. 

Keeping in touch with drivers and field managers is also essential for running a shipping and logistics company. SMS text messaging keeps your team in constant communication without needing to pick up the phone or stay hyper-vigilant with company email inboxes.

9) Dog Walkers

Dog walking companies benefit from personalized and ongoing communication with customers. Sending updates about their dogs is an individual approach to customer service, but your business can leverage SMS to target your entire client base. Share care tips and business updates, and promote last-minute offers for holiday boarding services. 

SMS and text message marketing also educates your customers about your business. For example, walking dogs in a pack allows dogs to bond, strengthen appropriate social skills, and form positive relationships and moods around other pups. When your customers have more context about the value of what you offer, they're more likely to express interest and upgrade their services. 

10) Fitness Professionals

Whether you run a gym or train clients one-on-one, your business could benefit from SMS and text message marketing. Stay in touch by sending clients fitness tips and motivation to break through plateaus. You can also explore profit potential by promoting a boot camp, VIP coaching sessions, or a discount for referring your business to a friend.

Like the healthcare and hospitality sectors, SMS and text message marketing also reminds clients about their upcoming sessions or quickly reschedule. Texting also keeps you engaged with clients with check-ins and strategies while working out independently.  

Final Thoughts

SMS text message marketing is flexible enough for a wide range businesses and industries. The strategies all take a similar approach by focusing on the customer and running your business as efficiently as possible.  

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